Spring Forwards with more EFT in Ilkley

4×4 Workshop Weekend and EFT Constellations Day

29/30 April: EFT 4×4 = £195

Four workshops, four favourite presenters. Advanced teaching, demonstrations, exercises, discussion and lots of tapping!

1 May: EFT Constellations = £85

Profound and moving group work for ancestral healing with EFT.  Whole day workshop with Gwyneth on Monday  EFT Constellations

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Gwyneth Moss

Gwyneth Moss – Surrogate Tapping for Children

Saturday Morning

Have you tried surrogate tapping but struggled to find the words?  Gwyneth developed the 3 Phase approach to teach ethical and effective surrogate tapping for all. Children love tapping but sometimes its gentler for a friend or parent to offer remote help. Teaching, demonstration, exercises and discussion.

Dr Susie Foster

Dr Susie Foster – Tap Away School Stress

Saturday Afternoon

School stress is on the increase.  Susie’s Gathering presentation was a favourite. Now she shows you how she teaches emotional literacy to 7 year olds.  How she gets a whole class tapping and how everyone has lots of fun.

Ros Barber

Ros Barber – Tapping into Inspiration

Sunday Morning

Have you ever struggled to find the words to write about EFT and what you do? Do you feel it should be easier to write a letter or article?  Or is there a book in you?  Award winning writer Ros Barber has designed this practical workshop for you to tap through your fear,  into your inspiration and express your true voice in writing.

Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt – The Identity Healing Experience

Sunday Afternoon

Andy Hunt combined his deep knowledge of NLP with tapping to create Identity Healing a suite of processes to gently heal the younger suffering parts of ourselves that are still struggling in our adult lives. Andy’s workshop gives you a taste of what is possible.

Gwyneth Moss – EFT Constellations

Monday All Day

Do we live out the stuck emotional patterns of our ancestors? What if tapping could reach into the family field and clear traumas long past? EFT Constellations group work does just that.  An experiential day for experienced tappers.

30 People Max, Don’t Miss Out!

Morning session 10am to 1pm, afternoon 2pm to 5pm. Tea and coffee provided. Book for the weekend or just one day.

Ilkley Healing Centre

Bring your own lunch or go out to nearby cafes. Ilkley is lovely in the spring. Easy to reach by road and rail. See Ilkley Page